MARCH 23-25 2023


The Warsaw Beer Festival was first held in 2014, the first event of its kind in Poland. It continues to bring together modern Polish craft-beer tastes and hottest trends. Today’s brewers in Poland are passionate, uncompromising and eager to challenge bland traditions to create striking, modern beers. And the Warsaw Beer Festival is the place to experience the best of the best.


Experience over 1,200 beers from top brewers driving the revolution. Meet the modern face of Poland’s vibrant beer culture and enjoy beers at forefront of taste innovation, poured from more than 500 taps. You prefere more traditional styles or revolutionary experiments? There is something for everyone.


Warsaw’s streets have been home to diverse people and cultures for over 100 years, and the city’s food scene has developed into a unique blend of tastes from around the world. The tradition continues at the Warsaw Beer Festival with 17 of the best foodtrucks offering visitors a distinct selection for every taste and pocket.


Besides exceptional beer, Warsaw Beer Festival is renowned for its variety of other entertainment experiences: lots of board games, fussball, excellent coffee, pinball and arcade machines, games tournaments, free lectures and paid tasting masterclasses. Many distinguished guests have visited Warsaw Beer Festival, including Greg Koch (Stone Brewing) and Steve Dresler (Sierra Nevada).


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Single ticket

20 zł (~4 €)

3-day pass

39 zł (~8 €)

Premium pass

99 zł (~21 €)


Festival Gadgets

WFP14 Festival Glass

The Moment after we announced the new WFP14 glass, it turned out that the glass would not reach us on time. Therefore, we turned to the Rastal company, with which we regularly cooperate, with a true cry for help. After a series of quick e-mails between the graphic designer and the company’s representative, we developed a glass that we are very pleased with. We do not know yet what the new glass will be called (it depends on you), but we are sure that it will reach us on time!

Price: 30 zł

Tasting glass 100 ml

We already had the tasting glass on the stem, now it’s time for the new version. We were looking for a small, thimble glass from which the beer not only looks good, but also tastes great.

Price: 25 zł

Water bottle

We have been looking for the perfect water bottle for a long time. We tested a few versions in terms of ease of use, appearance and quality. We decided on a model with an inner straw. The neck is wide enough to throw ice cubes inside. Since everything flows, remember to drink as much of it as possible. At the festival, we will prepare for you, together with the Waterpoint Systems, dispensers from which you will be able to refill the water bottles with plain or slightly sparkling water at will.

Price: 79 zł


The best breweries cooperate with each other to create unique beers in cooperation. We also decided to go this way. Kabak is fair trade clothing, created with responsibility for society and the planet. Together, we created multi-colored socks at the Warsaw Beer Festival. We hope you like them just as much!

Price: 29 zł

Want to know what I’m drinking?

When back in 2015 we announced the new #WFP3 glass, the design sparked a lot of controversy. For some it seemed to be a craft abomination (a shaker?!), for others it was the best glass of the festival. We’ve been thinking for some time about a slight rebranding. That’s why we invited the festival logo creators Michał Cyruchin and Becia Uchata. And here’s how the end result looks like. We had considered “Ask me what I’m drinking” catchphrase a symbol of WFP and the beer revolution, because the “what are you drinking” question was the one we had been hearing the most. That’s why we want this universal glass, matching most beer styles, to be present at the festival regardless of the official glass, different with every edition.

Price: 25 zł

WFB13 Glass

The WFP13 beer glass doesn’t have a name yet. The narrow bottom part makes it slender and the wavy form really harmonize with the content. Tulip-shaped bulging top is designed to accumulate the aromas. “Be like a beer that’s filling the vessel”, said a long-forgotten sage which corresponds with the saying “everything flows”. Just like the happy crowd at the Legia Stadium flows. The glass is available in two versions and we honestly have no idea which one of them you’re going to get. In this way, we want to emphasize the strength and importance of Fate and Chance, both ruling our lives much more than we would like. Only available in sets or at the festival, in a limited number of copies.

Price: 30 zł

Holder necklace WFP13

Czarny, zwieńczony zieloną nicią, o wymiarach idealnych dla tegorocznej szklanki festiwalowej.Black, topped with a green thread, perfectly fitted to this year’s festival glass.

Price: 14 zł

Unique, porron WBF glass

A porró is a traditional glass wine pitcher now used for ciders and sour beers as well, typical of Spain, originating in Catalonia. This invention allows everyone to drink from the same utensil without touching it with their lips. It fosters communal drinking accompanying food, though it does require some skill to ensure the wine enters one’s mouth and to keep it from spilling onto clothing. Some might say it resembles a cross between a wine bottle and a watering can. The top of the bottle is narrow and sealed off with a cork. Stemming upwards from the bottom of the pitcher is a spout that gradually tapers off to a small opening. It is shaped such that the beer inside it will have minimal contact with the air, while being ready to be used at all times. Until the mid-twentieth century it was very common in homes, but the tradition is now slowly being lost. The lack of contact with the lips allows a group of people to share the same vessel without offending their sense of hygiene.

Price: 100 zł

Craft T-shirt WFP13

Craft T-shirt WFP13 is a classic T-shirt of universal cut, made of knitwear produced in Poland. The original three colors print had been specially commissioned by the Warsaw Beer Festival. The hop cones theme fits in with the dancing pattern, which refers to the upcoming edition of the event. T-shirts are sewn locally, with attention to every detail. Jacquard labels with the WFP mark guarantee that each item is genuine. When drinking beer in this T-shirt, you show that you are a true beer afficionado. Composition: 100% cotton, material: knitwear, cut: unisex, sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL, colors: beige or green, original WFP tab in the neck seam and at the bottom edge. Made in Poland.

Price: 119 zł

Turbo heavy duty backpack/bag WFP13

A comfortable backpack fashioned like a sack. Despite its inconspicuous size it will fit at least 10 bottles of beer. Made of solid denim that can withstand many trips along the trail of the best craft breweries. Thickened cotton strings will bear even heavy loads. The embossed tab with the Warsaw Beer Festival logo leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a real beer connoisseur. * Composition: 60% cotton, 40% polyester, material: denim, dimensions: 34 cm x 45 cm. Available in three colors (black fabric with a brown patch, khaki fabric with a black patch or yellow fabric with a black patch).

Price: 69 zł

WFP13 Cotton Tote Bag

A bag to hold the beer and to cherish the beer. Simple, beautiful, useful.

Price: 15 zł

HOPin – hand-painted WFP13 pin

Hand-painted enamel pin cast in brass. The hop afficionado theme is an original project designed especially for the Warsaw Beer Festival. The entire batch of pins was made locally – in a Polish company that uses recycled metals in its production. Composition: shiny gold enameled brass, dimensions: 24 mm x 31 mm, colors: green and rudy brown. Made in Poland.

Price: 25 zł

High five! – hand-painted WFP13 pin

Hand-painted enamel pin cast in brass. The „high five” motif above the mug is an original pattern inspired by the mood of the Warsaw Beer Festival. The entire batch of pins was made locally – in a Polish company that uses recycled metals in its production. Composition: shiny gold enameled brass, dimensions: 30 mm x 26 mm, colors: 5 juicy rainbow colors. Made in Poland.

Price: 25 zł

Workshops and lectures in English

17:30 – 18:30

first floor


Põhjala Brewery

MasterClass tasting with brilliant Põhjala Brewery operating in Tallin, Estonia and their delicious beers which are well known all over Europe. At the meeting you will be able to taste excellent beers presented by the representative of the Brewery.

20:00 – 21:00

first floor


Maltgarden Brewery

MasterClass tasting with the beloved Maltgarden brewery! It will be a unique opportunity to meet the owner, Łukasz Rokicki. As usual, there will be rare and extraordinary beers, paired with snacks.

17:00 – 18:00

first floor


Schlenkerla Brewery

Schlenkerla is one of the most appreciated traditional German breweries. They have been operating in Bamberg since 1405. Schlenkerla is famous for its iconic smoked beers. This will be a unique opportunity to meet the brewery owner, who will conduct the tasting.

18:00 – 19:30

first floor


Beer Sensory Workshop

A workshop that is an excellent opportunity to learn sensory on professional FlavorActiV samples under the supervision of Dr. Boris Gadzov, who deals with beer sensors and training in breweries all over Europe. The workshop consists of a theoretical part and a tasting, during which you will have an opportunity to learn about the taste and aromatic features of beer. The whole will be complemented by a demonstration of recommended tasting techniques.

20:00 – 21:30

first floor


Fermentation issues

Nothing can replace the knowledge and skills acquired during professional sensory training. Advanced sensory workshops, recommended to beer producers, brewers, judges and beer enthusiasts, are a special opportunity to expand knowledge about beer. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Boris Gadzov, participants will explore the positive and negative sensory traits that result from fermentation processes. How can its stages affect the flavor and aroma of beer? The workshop consists of a theoretical part and a tasting, during which you will have an opportunity to learn about the taste and aromatic features of beer.

15:30 – 16:55

main stage


Diversity is excellent: Schlenkerla

Schlenkerla is one of the most appreciated traditional German breweries. They have been operating in Bamberg since 1405. Schlenkerla is famous for its iconic smoked beers

16:20 – 16:45

main stage


Diversity is excellent: Põhjala

Põhjala Brewery operating in Tallin, Estonia and their delicious beers which are well known all over Europe.

18:30 – 19:30

first floor


Top Polish Craft Beers To Try This Season

There’s a lot of things going on at the Polish craft beer market. More and more breweries emerge and brew high quality beers. So, what’s new? We keep an eye on Polish craft. Discover the selection of the six most interesting beers from Polish breweries chosen by a beer judge and a connoisseur, Jacek Błędowski.

19:30 – 20:30

first floor


Legendary Polish Beers You Can’t Miss

Among many „ordinary” beers in Poland, there are a few, that are essential for understanding of our beer scene. Discover the Six Beer Legends, selected by a beer judge and a connoisseur, Jacek Błędowski.


How to enjoy the festival

Bring your friends and find the dream beers that make your taste buds explode. Don’t drink excessively but explore Polish craft beer and play the recommendation game. Talk to other people, chat with brewers, and speak with staff — what are their favourite beers today?

Real glasses

Drinking artisanal beer from plastic cups isn’t cool! We have a limited number of handmade glasses, specially produced for this event. They’re not just designed to look good; they enhance beer’s fruity, hoppy aromas. We also sell various other beer glasses, starting from 3,5 zł (0,8 €).
Remember to rinse your glass between beers for maximum taste enjoyment.

Opening hours

Thursday: 16-24
Friday: 12-24
Saturday: 12-24
The entry gates close about 30 minutes before festival end.

Single tickets

The festival dates are shown on single tickets and passes, which you can use on any day. However, a single ticket entitles you to one entry only; a personal pass entitles you to enter any number of times.


Distinct souvenirs specially prepared for the festival are available at the Festival Stand on the 2nd floor.

Coming with children or a dog

Children up to the age of 18 can enter for free. There is only one rule: they must not drink ANY beer for which their guardians are directly responsible. Instead of alcoholic beverages, we recommend water, lemonade and snacks. The dogs are also allowed, but only if they cope with a crowd without a problem. The festival is also a terrific opportunity to see the (usually inaccessible) VIP zone of the Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium.

Beers and exhibitors

For exact informatian, please check our official Untappd page.

Paid lecture and tasting masterclasses

As well as free lectures on the festival stage, there are paid lectures and tasting masterclasses featuring top specialists from the industry. Some of them are given in English. Full details are shown in the program. The training rooms are located on the 1st floor, between the escalator (near the flipper zone, cloakrooms and toilets).


The cloakroom is on the 1st floor of the VIP zone. It is free. If you are nice to the staff, they may even let you leave your heavy bottles there — no need to carry bottled beer around all day.


If you find anything or accidentally lose something, go to the Festival Stand on the 2nd floor. You can also join our lost-found FB group.


The price for a car is 4 PLN/hour or 15 PLN for a whole day. You can enter via the Gates No. 1 and 2, where there is space for 700 cars. There is only one rule: do not drink alcohol if you’re driving home!

First-timer tips

Drink lots of water. Having a couple of sips of water between each beer sample is best. And drink water before going to bed, since alcohol leaves you dehydrated.

Don’t forget to eat. If we eat something earlier, alcohol is absorbed better and there are fewer stomach and intestine irritations. Avoid overeating or heavy foods.

Take magnesium and vitamin C supplements. Curcumin and garlic help with acetaldehyde, a compound that negatively affects our well-being. The most popular natural substance that helps our body to break down this compound is garlic. Vitamin C also improves the body’s metabolism and helps break down aldehydes. Aspirin taken before bedtime can also help, but it unfortunately also affects the stomach badly.

Talk to people

Talking is great, although not after eating too much garlic (see above)! Take advantage of brewers, home brewers and other specialists at the festival; if you don’t like something — or you love it! — tell the brewers. This is a unique moment to address them directly, to ask about the production process or aroma details.

Bloggers, beer guides and home brewers at the festival can also help you explore and choose breweries. Ask them about beer-style characteristics, what is cold hopping or how American Wheat is different from German Hefeweizen. Beer specialists are usually very social and talkative, especially after a few beers, so make use of their merry attitude.


Warsaw Beer Festival is held at Legia Warsaw Municipal Stadium at Łazienkowska 3 st, a unique setting close to the city centre, easily accessible by foot or bus. The event is held indoors, across three floors, with ample outside seating on the terraces or in the food court. See how to get there.


Paweł Leszczyński is a president of the Slow Craft association, a homebrewer and a certified beer judge who specialises in sensory training.


Join two wild and crazy guys in our adventure through the beery world of nerds. We write about and interview the people behind the beer.


Jonaistė Jusionytė

Craft beerpreneur & Team leader of Homebrewers Community in Lithuania.

Netherlands / UK / Japan

Kaeru Beer

KAERU BEER is an Anglo-Japanese Writing & Professional Services consultancy that focuses on international Craft Beer & Cider.


Legia Warsaw Stadium
Stadion Legii Warszawa
Łazienkowska 3, 00-449 Warszawa

We do recommend ibis hotel which is set in a convenient location on Zagórna st. 1, 10 minutes walk from the Legia Warsaw Stadium


Check out Polish Beer Trails – Warsaw

Featuring easy-to-use maps sprinkled with historical points of interest, the sightseeing routes take users not just past some of the city’s hidden and not-so-hidden glories, but also a series of pubs on the frontline of Poland’s brewing revolution. Prepared by Slow Craft NGO – two are avaliable in English and you can read about the whole idea in Warsaw Insider.

Just eat it!

Warsaw has undergone a true gastronomic revolution over the last couple of years, becoming a frequent destination of culinary travels. The culinary offerings of our city have already been described by foreign media such as Forbesor the influential blog HappyCow Vegan Guidewhich in 2017 ranked the Polish capital at the top of most vegan-friendly cities. Use your favourite app to find the best places!

Drink them all! – ontap.pl is the page for you

CNN Travel have named Warsaw as one of the Top 15 cities in the world for craft beer, placing the Polish capital in the same bracket as big hitters such as Berlin, Brussels, Portland and Melbourne. Polish brewers are learning, inventing and creating their own ways of brewing. At the same time, they’re also involving and evolving a lot of traditional techniques which other countries aren’t. You can find ALL craft beer pubs and check what beers they have on tap at our Polish web page ontap.pl which is always up-to-date!

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