Code of Ethics

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

We unleash the power of the people by celebrating who they are. People of all ages, cultural backgrounds, geographies, physical abilities and disabilities, religions, genders, and sexual orientation are welcome to join us for a little merrymaking. We make sure everyone feels safe and at home at our festival, and so far we’ve had no complaints. None! Parents are welcome to come with their kids – we have the necessary facilities if they need to change diapers, we have games and comic books, non-alcoholic craft drinks that children love. We are also dog-friendly. No matter if your pup is a service dog, emotional support companion, or your best friend – don’t leave your doggo alone at home. He’ll get a healthy Scooby snack and there’s always water for dogs available too. All our floors are accessible for people using wheelchairs – all corridors and doors are wide enough, there’s a special restroom for people with disabilities, all floors are connected by two elevators. Cosplay, subculture, make-up or no make-up – be your beautiful colourful self!


We strongly believe in helping others – those in need, those less fortunate, animals – and encourage our guests as well as exhibitors to join us in our efforts to make the world a better place. Over the years, we have helped cancer patients, Ukrainian patients coming to Poland from war-torn Ukraine in need of urgent medical help, animal shelters, kids from Ukraine who emigrated to Poland with their families to help them learn Polish, adult children of alcoholics, sports for amputees, even search-and-rescue dogs… The list goes on. Every 6 months, we organise special charity auctions during which “white whales” are sold – provided by breweries, homebrewers, and bloggers – as well as special actions, such as “a selfie or Polaroid photo with search-and-rescue dogs” or sports event promoting cancer prevention. All proceeds are always donated to NGOs. Our team members also support numerous charities on their own.


We believe relationships make the world go round and therefore are all for relationships. And we try to lead by example. Some of our exhibitors have been with us from the very beginning – best of times and worst of times alike. Same goes for our street food artists. We have watched them grow for simple takeaways to gourmet chefs. We’ll let you in on a secret: just like some breweries brew special beers for our festival, also a couple of our restaurateurs prepare special dishes to celebrate the vast diversity of beer with festival-goers. We have special relationships with bloggers who were there with us at the avant-garde of the Polish craft beer revolution and those from abroad (from our perspective), with the second generation of beer vloggers, and craft beer ambassadors on all continents. Many of these people have become good friends over the years resulting in international partnerships with breweries around the world, other European festivals, pubs all over CEE. We have helped establish partnerships between breweries – our festival for many is a business hub where deals are made. But the most important and significant relationship that we have been supporting from day one is that between brewers and our guests. We encourage everyone to talk to the people pouring them beer and discuss what they’re drinking. Most of the time, those are the people who made that beer. Don’t waste that precious opportunity to find out more about that heavenly beverage filling your cup. This is the way.


Warsaw Beer Festival is a beer festival in name only. We like to think of our festival as a carnival of craftsmanship. At Warsaw Beer Festival, one can find artisans representing numerous professions: cheesemakers, artists promoting graphic novels and comic books, creators of board games, chefs making extremely hot sauces, chocolatiers and pastry chefs, apiary owners, felt toys manufacturers, tailors, specialty ice cream producers, coffee rosters, leatherworkers, freeze-dried fruit producers, even a tattoo artist. And it doesn’t stop there. There is a common denominator to all these masters of handicraft: they are champions of top notch quality. What festivalgoers also enjoy about our skilled exhibitors is that they often get the unique chance to find out about or try their proverbial hand at various professions. In case you’d like to see how difficult it is to emboss leather or find out about the art of honey hunting, you came to the right place.


Craft beer is a realm of wonders. Craft beer is an art. Craft beer is a lifestyle. That is precisely why we promote handicraft, street food, and even health itself at Warsaw Beer Festival. Food pairing classes, cooking shows, lectures, interviews, book reviews, masterclasses, workshops, tournaments and races, yoga – when you open your mind, the possibilities become endless. We prove that exquisite beer can go hand in hand with good food and a healthy lifestyle, that it can be one of many drivers to travel, that it has the potential to be art and inspire. And that just like a good whisky or champagne, it is the right drink to raise a toast with. Looking for low-abv? Look around and you shall find it in abundance. Then again, if you’re tea-total, you will find plenty of non-alcoholic beverages to choose from. While it may sound like a paradox, there is in fact no need to drink any alcohol at all at Warsaw Beer Festival. We say no to peer pressure. If it’s sauna, kombucha and pizza you came to enjoy while your friends explore imperial stouts, we’re overjoyed to be your hosts.


Our mission is to uplift everyone and make them enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Many people shudder at the thought of alcohol and safety put together. However, once and again, we have proven that it is possible. Warsaw Beer Festival is a true family event. Despite alcohol all around, we have created a safe place for all, including women and kids. Our events are LGBTQIA-friendly and our infrastructure is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. We welcome people joining us with their pets.

We foster a culture of respect.
We act with integrity and honesty.
We speak up and promote empathy.
We contribute to causes we care about.
We enable individuals, businesses, partnerships, and NGOs to thrive.
We value feedback and criticism to be better.